Fight Like A Girl - Boxing Glove Necklace

SKU: Z145750G


We created the “Fight Like a Girl” boxing glove necklace for International Women’s Day in honor of my dad Steven Casinelli, who passed away November 26, 2020 from Glioblastoma (a form of brain cancer) at the age of 67.  This is a replica of the solid gold boxing glove he wore, and passed down to me.  My dad was a boxer and true fighter.  He fought cancer with everything he had and always lived his life to the fullest, giving it all he had.  My father taught me, no matter how hard things get, to keep fighting… excuses for anything were not an option!  He would always say, “when you think you can’t pick yourself up that is when you need to dig deep and do it the most… this is when you realize your strength.”  He helped make me the strong independent woman I am today.  He taught me to throw a football, to box, hold my head tall and not back down when I believed in something. 

My hope is this necklace will be worn as a reminder of the inner strength we all have.  In these times, I know I often need a reminder of my dad telling me to “keep fighting” and wanted to share the inspiration this piece brings to me with all of you.  Confidence creates opportunity and happiness.  Our mission is to do whatever we can to help women everywhere realize they deserve this confidence and drive.

My dad was treated at Dana Farber where they helped him fight for his life.  He had so much respect for the team of research doctors and surgeons that worked with him and our family.  He always donated and asked for donations for this wonderful research group.  He so desperately would pray, even if not for him, a cure would be found for this horrible disease.  In honor of Dad, 20% of all profits on our “Fight Like a Girl” boxing glove will be donated to Dana Farber.

  • CZ, 12kt gold plating and genuine rhodium plating
  • Brass metal
  • 16” length, 3” extender
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Signature ZAXIE micropave lobster claw